About Fabrix - FabriX

What is Fabrix?

Leading the Digital Fashion Revolution from Our City to the World

FabriX isn’t just showcasing the future of the fashion industry – we are building it. Launched in 2022, we are a launchpad for the world’s hottest fashion designers and brands, providing a platform to unveil and monetise their most innovative digital fashion creations.

Our success story began in Hong Kong, but our influence has gone global. After an electrifying FabriX Digital Fashion Roadshow at London and Paris Fashion Weeks in 2023, we are setting the stage ablaze at ComplexCon Hong Kong 2024 – the festival’s much-anticipated debut outside the US. These experiences has paved the way to even greater possibilities.

Our vision? To be the leading curated marketplace of all things Digital Fashion worldwide, by connecting the industry’s top tech partners, designers, brands and thought leaders. Together, we are shaping a future where digital fashion becomes a part of everyday life, through gaming platforms and other emerging applications. Imagine a Digital Fashion Hub where innovation and artistry meet commercial opportunities. That’s FabriX.

Shin Wong
Project Director
Declan Chan
Fashion Curator
Winnie Cho
Kamie Lam
Project Manager
Ricky Chu
Project Executive
Carita Fong
Project Executive
Jack Pun
Senior Manager
Programmes & Events
Howard Cheung
Senior Executive
Programmes & Events

PMQ (formerly Hollywood Road Police Married Quarters) opened its door in April 2014 and is Hong Kong’s definitive hub for creativity. A platform for local creative talents to showcase their work and creations, PMQ is home to over 100 local young create-preneurs; a showground for homegrown and international artists, and the leading creative lifestyle destination right in the heart of our city.


The Cultural and Creative Industries Development Agency (CCIDA) established in June 2024, formerly known as Create Hong Kong (CreateHK), is a dedicated office set up by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region under the Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau to provide one-stop services and support to the cultural and creative industries with a mission to foster a conducive environment in Hong Kong to facilitate the development of arts, culture and creative sectors as industries.