FabriX Hoodie - Dragon - FabriX

FabriX Hoodie – Dragon
FabriX Hoodie – Dragon

Illustrated by new Hong Kong designer Tom Cheng, this sticker pack were originally featured in FabriX AR Photo Kiosks and now has become FabriX’s first Phygital product. This item can be pre-ordered from SPIN.Fashion, and purchasers can own both the physical and digital item at the same time.

SPIN.Fashion is committed to promoting sustainable fashion concepts. Even if the products are resold in the future, the owners can trace it back to the source, realising the concept of waste reduction from the source. This opens up a new business model in fashion with total traceability, where creators enjoy perpetual copyright ownership of their creations.

$64.99 USD

To purchase FabriX hoodie, click the button below and you will be directed to SPIN.Fashion. The order will be shipped within 14 working days upon order confirmation.