Ancuta Sarca

An innovative voice in the footwear game, Ancuta Sarca reimagines shoes towards a more sustainable world. Her distinctive sneaker-heel hybrid creations embody the juxtapositions of masculinity and femininity, vintage and modern, as well as sportswear and luxury elements.

The Romanian designer’s eponymous label debuted in 2019 at the London Fashion Week SS20 with the support of Fashion East. Ancuta Sarca breathes new life into every piece she creates by repurposed recycled fabric cutouts and material wastes through techniques such as restoration and repainting within a circular design framework. Supported by Nike in 2020, Ancuta Sarca transformed deadstock Nike sneakers into stunning heels through ingenious upcycling processes.

Championing an environmentally-conscious approach to fashion, Ancuta Sarca’s label offers a non-conformist yet feminine perspective on traditional sneakers. With sustainability at the core, and innovation at heart.