Mermaid Goddess Headpiece - FabriX

Jüü Jüü
Mermaid Goddess Headpiece

A pearl and iridescent bubbles headpiece. Inspired by Chinese mythology and the Five Elements, experience a magical transformation into a mermaid goddess simply by wearing this beautiful enchanted headpiece made of pearls and water bubbles.

Jüü Jüü’s ‘Alien Goddess Transformation’ collection was inspired by goddesses from Chinese mythology and the concept of Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water). In the mythical realms, the goddesses put on enchanted headpieces and body jewelleries that bestow them with other-worldly powers. By adorning Jüü Jüü’s collection, the wearers will experience a magical transformation into one of the celestial beings based on the Five Elements – blessing them with an abundance of positive, healing energy for their hearts and souls, into the metaverse.

$50.00 USD